Cyclops Press is a boutique publishing company specialising in small edition art books promoting Australian photography and writing. It commenced business in 1999 with the publication of Australienation (1999) a look at reconciliation through the lens of Ogden’s black and white photographs. It is a humanistic and sometimes confronting view of the reconciliation process between Australia’s Indigenous peoples and the various tribes and migrant groups that subsequently settled in this Great Southern Land.

An equally emotive record of the first Australians, Portraits from a Land Without People, published in 2009, is now acknowledged as the most comprehensive pictorial history to document Aboriginal culture yet produced.  Portraits from a Land Without People has so far raised $85,000 for the Jimmy Little Foundation’s work helping improve Indigenous health (renal care in particular). Phillip Adams described Portraits from a Land Without People on Radio National as “a magnificent book …as important a book as anything that’s been published in Australia for years”.   

The companion books Saltwater People of the Broken Bays (2011) and Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore (2012) celebrate the rich history of Sydney’s beaches. These books provide a showcase for many of Australia’s most recognised photographers, and were awarded the 2013 biennial Frank Broeze Maritime History Prize awarded by the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Slightly Dangerous - The Cyclops Cypher (2013) was printed for a major retrospective of Ogden's work. This journal helps interpret the influences and inspirations of his work, and a life lived in an extraordinary time. 

WOKE - the first volume in the Shibboleth trilogy of novels was released in 2018, and will be released as an e-book in June 2009.

WILL - the second volume in the trilogy is scheduled to be released in June 2019.

Cyclops Press also helped publish °South. WAR about Australian war photographers (which was accompanied by an exhibition at the ACP in 2009).

In the production pipeline are two new non-fiction books due to be release in 2019, Freshwater and Cactus.