Saltwater People - Sydney's Southern Beaches

Saltwater People - Sydney's Southern Beaches


Saltwater People of the Fatal Shore is the companion book to Saltwater People of the Broken Bays. The focus of the new book is on that extraordinary coastline stretching from Bondi to Cronulla. Herein lies Botany Bay, scene of the sharp end of the British invasion. Foreword by the Hon. Linda Burney MP.

This stunning collection of black-and-white and colour photographs and other illustrations, accompanied by a revealing text, is a delight to hold, to read and to absorb. Those lucky enough to live around the places so vividly chronicled will count their blessings.” 

 Ross Fitzgerald, emeritus professor of history and politics at Griffith University, ​      Spectrum review in Sydney Morning Herald, 19-20Jan, 2013.

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