Slightly Dangerous

Slightly Dangerous


Slightly Dangerous – The Cyclops Cipher celebrates forty years of photography by John Ogden. It is important to occasionally look in the rear vision mirror while hurtling headlong into the future, and Ogden’s thoughtful work reminds us what is lost in the rush. This journal was the inspiration for the Shibboleth trilogy

Foreword by Tim Page.

Slightly Dangerous is a visual and erudite feast that starts with Ogden’s dedication on page one “to all those who stray from the narrow path…” From that moment I was lost in the sharply written prose, the thoughtful observations, and the passion of exploration, discovery, contest and challenge that move the story along and are signposts of a life well lived and lived well beyond the parameters of the norm.
​​​​​​​​Alison Stieven-Taylor 

“This is a life well travelled of a baby boomer who surfs an existential path across six decades, waxing the best of nostalgia against the odds that are self mitigated by the excesses of those times. It is a heritage of the hippest, most gonzo ‘down-under’ attitudes,rendered by images we all wish we had snapped. As if Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Neville shuffled photo cards with Robert Frank’ian images throughout the deck.”   
​​​​​​​​Tim Page 

Slightly Dangerous is a trip – in the classic use of the word. It is local author and photographer John Ogden at his desk writing his very personal musings on life, love and all the other bits and pieces of the human experience. His story is of a path many of us have crossed, if not travelled a fair distance, and his photographs are eclectic and striking. If you are of the right age you might have "been there, done that" in the very places he speaks of – Bali, Southeast Asia, Europe, the bush, and raw, untouched coastlines of Oz.
John Ruszczyk

ISBN 978-0-9805619-3-7

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