WOKE – The Shibboleth Trilogy  (Volume One)

WOKE – The Shibboleth Trilogy  (Volume One)


Woke is the first book in the Shibboleth trilogy.

 ISBN  9780980561968 

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In an age of great disruption, when mankind had spread to every corner of the planet, and the unwritten covenant with the natural world had been broken, the truth seekers would come forth. In many ways, Will Oakley had been born ‘Woke’, with past life memories buried deep within him, but his early life was that of a somnambulist, a waking dreamer on a haphazard existential journey, pushed and pulled by the events swirling around him. He had been forced into exile, traversing strange lands and puzzling cultures, encountering people and situations capable of bringing immense joy and great pain in random measure. Guided by mentors, and his own intuition, the psychic fog had gradually begun to lift, revealing the path ahead, but first he had to enter into a figurative death before spiritual rebirth.